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Cat Owner Responsibilities

Public Health Madison & Dane County Animal Services reminds all Cat Owners of the following:

  • Cats must wear owner identification tags.
  • Cats must be leashed when off owner's property.
  • Cats must not be allowed to run-at-large or trespass on public or private property.

Cat Laws for Madison and Dane County

Identification Tag

An ID tag with owner Name, Address and Phone Number is also required by both City and County and can go a long way towards getting someone's pet back home if it gets lost. Owners may obtain an ID tag from their local vet or the Humane Society and should keep it on their pet at all times.

Running at Large

Both the City of Madison and Dane County have running at large laws for dogs and cats. Dogs are not to run at large off the owners property unless they are in an off leash dog park or have permission to be loose from the owner of the property they are on.

Cat Laws for madison only

  • Cats must wear rabies vaccination, cat license and owner identification tags.
  • Cats must be currently vaccinated for rabies.
  • Cat litter must be free of feces before placing in trash. Feces must be buried or flushed down the toilet.
Failure to observe the above ordinance or statute requirements may result in the issuance of citations.
Key Contacts
  • Animal Services Office:
    (608) 267-1989
  • Animal Services Officer Dispatch:
    (608) 255-2345
  • Dane County Humane Society:
    (608) 838-0413
  • Dane County Humane Society's Wildlife Center:
    (608) 838-0413 (ext 151)