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To address Dane County's lead poisoning problem, the PHMDC Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program works at the following goals:

  • Prevent children from being exposed to lead hazards
  • Assure that Dane County children receive blood lead screening
  • Assist families when a child is lead poisoned
  • Analysis of lead poisoning issues in Madison & Dane County

Our lab does Testing for Lead in Paint or Varnish (PDF)

Preventing Exposure to Lead Hazards

Consultation & Outreach

PHMDC works to prevent lead exposure by educating Dane County residents, property owners, and contractors on the hazards of lead and ways to minimize or eliminate lead hazards. This is done through one-to-one consultation and group presentations. If you have questions about lead or would like someone to talk with your group about lead hazards, please call (608) 266-4821 or email

Lead Ordinance Enforcement

For City of Madison Residents: Through enforcement of Madison General Ordinance 7.49, the Department intends to prevent lead exposures by ensuring that property owners and contractors follow safe work practices when painting or remodeling older housing.

To register a complaint or ask questions about unsafe lead work that you have witnessed, call (608) 266-4821.

Assurance of Blood Lead Screening for Children

Blood lead screening for children

Lead screening is available from PHMDC Clinics for children ages 9 months to 6 years who are unable to be screened by a private medical provider. To obtain lead screening services for your child, call (608) 266-4821 to schedule an appointment.

Outreach to Medical Providers

Most Dane County families receive medical care for their young children from private medical providers. For this reason, it is important for these providers to be knowledgeable about the risk for lead poisoning and the current guidelines for screening and treatment of children for lead exposure and poisoning. As with the general public, the Department provides one-to-one consultation and group presentations on request to local clinics and providers. To schedule a presentation at your clinic or request specific information on case management for a lead poisoned child, call (608) 266-4821 or email

Assistance for Families with Lead Poisoned Children

A child is considered lead poisoned if they have a blood lead level (BLL) of 5 µg/dL (microgram of lead per deciliter of blood) or greater. Depending on a child's blood lead level, PHMDC provides a range of services to families with lead poisoned children.

  • Home visit and visual inspection by certified lead hazard investigator or risk assessor.
  • Professional consultation on managing lead hazards in the home.
  • A basic lead clean-up kit.
  • Full lead risk assessment of the child's primary residence. Risk assessment of additional properties as appropriate.
  • Public health nurse case management to assess child development and assure appropriate medical management.
  • Professional consultation on managing lead hazards in the home including written orders to correct the lead hazards identified.
Key Contacts
Questions or Concerns:
(608) 266-4821

Questions or concerns about the effect of lead on your child or in the environment call 608-266-4821 or email