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Simple Steps for Parents

Children under 6 years of age living in or visiting pre-1978 housing are at greatest risk for lead poisoning. Protecting these children from lead hazards does not always need to be complicated. The following basic steps can help prevent a child from becoming lead poisoned or even being exposed to lead:

  • Keep painted surfaces in good condition
  • Do not power sand lead-based paint, even hand sanding should be avoided
  • Wash floors and windows the right way.
  • Wash your child's hands often, especially before eating
  • Eat healthful foods high in iron, calcium, and vitamin C; avoid fatty foods
  • Use cold tap water for drinking, cooking, and making infant formula
  • Test your paint, varnish and water for lead

While these steps are important, they may not be enough to eliminate a child's risk for lead poisoning. Our Laboratory tests for lead in paint, varnish and water.

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