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Madison School Traffic Safety Committee

The Madison School Traffic Safety Committee (MSTSC) has been formed to receive and evaluate traffic related concerns in and around our Madison schools. The goal of this committee is to centralize and standardize the complaint/request process, conduct evaluations of the concerns and formulate short-term and long-term solutions.

The Madison School Traffic Safety Committee consists of representatives from the agencies deemed viable for ensuring the traffic safety related issues are dealt with in a sustainable way. Each of the committee members are committed to the goal of addressing the issues and eliminating duplicated efforts in relation to traffic safety around the school. The agencies include:

  • Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) - an elementary school principal leads the group and other staff who handle the school facilities, bus transportation, and school parking lots.
  • Madison Police Department - handles the enforcement, some education related issues and hires, trains, and supervises the Adult School Crossing Guards. This includes the Traffic Enforcement Safety Team (TEST), Parking Enforcement and Crossing Guard Supervisors.
  • Traffic Engineering - handles the infrastructure - roadways, sidewalks and paths, signage, traffic calming, pedestrian islands, Adult School Crossing Guard assignments, plus involved with pedestrian and bicyclist safety education.
  • Public Health Madison & Dane County - involved with evaluation, student drop-off and pick-up behavior observation training, and educational efforts, including assistance with development of school traffic safety plan brochure.
  • Safe Kids Coalition and Safe Communities - focus on education and advocacy for change

Madison School Traffic Safety Committee contact information:

For all Madison schools, if wishing to make a formal request to the MSTSC about a traffic-related concern around your school, have the school principal complete and submit the school traffic safety evaluation form and submit to Julie Frentz at MMSD.


Key Contacts
Lisa Bullard-Cawthorne: (608) 243-0322