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Swimming in Dane County Lakes

One of the great assets of the Madison and Dane County area is the many beaches located throughout Dane County. Public Health Madison & Dane County monitors all public beaches during the swimming season, Memorial Day through Labor Day, to assure safe water quality and minimize public health risks from water-borne pathogens and toxins.

In order to keep yourself healthy while swimming, observe the warning or closing signs concerning possible contamination. Occasionally, particularly after heavy rain or flooding, illness causing microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, protozoa and blue-green algae may be present in the water.

For more information about Dane County beaches and current water quality and conditions, visit:

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new directions for phmdc

Chronic disease, preventable injury and mental and emotional well-being have become critical concerns to the social and economic well-being of communities across the country. In response to changing community needs, Public Health Madison & Dane County is responding in kind, investing in what the CDC, the Institutes of Medicine, and major national funding organizations have endorsed as ways to move toward addressing the root causes of illness and disease. This monograph outlines the blend of existing public health functions with new capacity we are building to boost prevention and community well-being over time.