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Tobacco Sales to Minors in Both Columbia and Dane County Increase


To learn more about other tobacco products and how they are being marketed to Wisconsin's youth check out Sweet Talk: Big Tobacco's Kid-Friendly Campaign video!

local underage tobacco sales increase

Madison-Dane County Tobacco Vendor Compliance Report, 2012 (PDF)

Study Finds Fewer Wisconsin Residents Exposed to Secondhand Smoke Following Smoke-Free Air Law

Smoke-Free Policies More Common in Homes as Well as Workplaces (PDF) (8/28/2012)

TFCDC Receives Community GrantTFCDC Receives Community Transformation Grant

The Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Prevention Resources is administering The Transform Wisconsin Fund, provided by a Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Community Transformation Grant. The Transform Wisconsin Fund intends to commit $6.6 million over 26 months to community coalitions and partnerships who will promote healthy environments to help Wisconsin residents make healthy choices and prevent chronic diseases. The strategic directions consist of three areas of focus: 1) tobacco-free, 2) food system, and 3) active community.

TFCDC was awarded an impact grant to focus on tobacco-free living, with goals to promote smoke-free multi-unit housing (MUH) and decrease access to other tobacco products (OTP). The initiative aims to educate local stakeholders regarding smoke-free MUH and OTP with goals to increase voluntary adoption of smoke-free policies in MUH and decrease access to OTP. The establishment of community relationships from this initiative will help sustain policies and maintain safe, healthy environments for all Dane County residents.

Currently, TFCDC is working on a small community grant in collaboration with the YMCA to enhance and strengthen tobacco policies in Dane County School Districts. Additionally, TFCDC plans to educate community members about the diversion program and encourage them to refer youth offenders to the program. The diversion program is an alternative to a hefty fine and provides tobacco education to youth offenders to ensure that they have the opportunity to quit tobacco use.

local underage tobacco sales decrease

Fourth Year of Decline Reported for Madison & Dane County (PDF) (4/4/2011)

Wisconsin Department of health services news release

Study Shows Dramatic Air Quality Improvement Because of Smoke-Free Law (12/14/2010)

Smoke-Free Laws Protect Kids

The evidence for smoke free workplace laws continues to grow.

In case you missed it, a recent New England Journal of Medicine study looking at Scotland showed a positive impact from that country’s smoke-free law, particularly in reducing hospital admissions for childhood asthma. The study found that childhood hospitalizations from asthma dropped 13% after the country’s law took effect in 2006.

Kids exposed to secondhand smoke are more prone to asthma attacks, bronchitis, pneumonia and ear infections. That’s especially important for Wisconsin, as we currently rank fifth nationally in childhood exposure to secondhand smoke at around 10.5% according to the UW Carbone Cancer Center. That’s about 40% over the national average.

The good news is that our kids will be protected from secondhand smoke in public places thanks to our new statewide smoke-free workplace law. The results of the Scotland study offer further proof of what many of us have known for some time - by going smoke-free, Wisconsin did the right thing for the state’s health, and the health of our children.

The new smoke-free law is a win-win for everyone, particularly our kids.
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