A group is having a picnic outsideThere’s much to celebrate this weekend! Whether you’re headed to a graduation party, Mother’s Day brunch, or just grilling with friends, here are some tips to help you celebrate safer:

Take it Outside

Outside is the safest place to gather, especially if people who will be joining you are unvaccinated. Outside the wind naturally disperses the COVID virus so it can’t spread as easily. At the bar or restaurant, ask to be seated outside or take your food and beverages to go so you can picnic at home. At home, pull out the grill, the coolers, and the yard games to celebrate outdoors!

Make the Indoors Safer

Going outside not an option? Crack open windows and get a good breeze coming through. This helps ventilate the space so COVID can’t spread as easily. If some attendees are unvaccinated, remember to mask up and keep your distance. If your attendees are fully vaccinated, you don’t even need to worry about masking up or distancing! Our blog post outlines what people who are vaccinated can do safely and includes examples.

Keep it Short & Keep it Small

If people attending the gathering will be unvaccinated, it’s smart to keep your gathering short and small. This means a one-hour lunch is better than a day-long extravaganza. And hosting just those closest to you as opposed to the whole neighborhood also reduces your risk—the fewer people who attend, the less chance of someone having COVID.

Get Vaccinated

A benefit of being fully vaccinated means you can gather with other vaccinated people safely indoors, without masks and without distancing. That’s just one benefit—there are many others! Need to get vaccinated? Book an appointment at our Alliant Energy Center clinic or just drop-in during clinic hours.

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