new data snapshot released and icons of different chart typesToday we released this week’s data snapshot. If you’re new to the data snapshot, we publish a weekly summary of the status for each of our metrics (you can find past issues on our data and metrics page). We have a few notes for this week’s issue (data from November 24 through December 7):

The average daily cases in this 14-day period decreased by 21% from last week’s snapshot.

Dane County’s 14-day average number of cases was 252 per day, down from 319 in the last snapshot. There was a 24% decrease in average daily tests. This, along with a sustained moderate level of percent positivity suggests the decline in cases may be impacted in part by less testing. When the percent positivity is high, it can mean that only those who are sickest are getting tested.

In this 14-day period there were 3,529 total cases. Cases per day ranged from 107 to 428. Hospitalizations among people with COVID have plateaued, but remain at a high level.

Lab timeliness improved again, with 78% of tests reported within 24 hours of collection.

In the last snapshot, 61% of tests were reported within 24 hours of collection. This improvement is important because the sooner we receive lab reports, the sooner we can begin contact tracing and stop the spread of the virus. 41% of people who tested positive were contacted within 48 hours of being tested.

Latinx and Black Dane County residents are disproportionately represented among both people testing positive and people hospitalized for COVID.

During this two-week period, members of the Latinx population represented 16% of cases and 9% of total hospitalizations but make up 6% of the Dane County population. Black Dane County residents made up 9% of cases and 11% of hospitalizations during this period but make up 6% of the Dane County population.

Clusters continue to challenge assisted living and skilled nursing facilities.

This is particularly worrisome given the severe outcomes this population is experiencing here and nationally. In this 14-day period there were 3,529 total cases. At least 318 (9%) of these cases were associated with a cluster and/or a facility investigation at a long term care facility, correctional facility, childcare facility, or school. The Dane County Jail currently has the largest cluster in a single facility, but the numbers associated with this cluster have dropped this week. The jail had 24 cases in this 14-day period, down from 81 cases in the last snapshot.

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