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Talk to your loved ones about getting the updated bivalent booster!

The data tell us that many people don’t know about the new boosters or are unsure if they are eligible.

Only half of adults in the U.S. have heard some or a lot about the new bivalent COVID booster, while the other half of adults have heard little to none, according to recent data from the Kaiser Family Foundation. Of people aged 65 or older, 39% have heard “a little” or “nothing at all” about the boosters, and people in this age group are at the most risk for severe COVID outcomes.

This means a HUGE portion of our country hasn’t heard about how the new bivalent booster updates your COVID immunity and will give you more protection this fall and winter. We need everyone to know about these boosters—including your friends and family!

What can I do to help?

People can’t get vaccinated if they don’t know a new booster is available or that they are likely eligible for it! You can help spread the word. Here’s how:

Know why the boosters are important and who can get one.

  • Why the boosters are important: The new boosters contain an updated bivalent formula—this means the shot will boost your immunity against the original coronavirus strain and the newer Omicron variants. Updated boosters provide great protection against the virus and address waning vaccine effectiveness over time.
  • Who can get one: If you’re 12 or older and it has been at least 2 months since your last COVID shot, you can get a booster now.
  • Where to get one: Visit vaccines.gov to find a vaccinator near you.

Talk to your family about boosters.

If you live with relatives, it may be as easy as bringing it up at dinner. If you live away from family, a text is great! Keep it simple. Something like, “Just got my updated booster! Did you get yours yet?” If they respond “No” or “Not yet” or “What’s that?” you can say something like, “Okay, just wanted to check in because these boosters have an updated formula to better protect against the omicron variant. I just want to make sure you’re safe and don’t get really sick from COVID. You can find out where to get one on vaccines.gov or I’m happy to help you schedule an appointment!”

Share your booster selfie on social media.

Share a pic of getting a booster or simply just share you’re #Boosted! (Our staff are happy to take a pic of you after you get your shot!) When you post, it’s a great idea to share about why the boosters are important (see above).

Link to credible resources.

If a friend or family member asks for more information, connect them to credible health authorities like CDC, their doctor, or us!

Locally, we'll have a better sense of how many people have gotten the bivalent booster after more providers have reported to the Wisconsin Immunization Registry—stay tuned! Here in Dane County, we have led the way as one of the most vaccinated places in the country – let’s keep it up!

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