We’re working with organizations and agencies to make sure everyone in Dane County has a chance to live a healthy, fulfilling life. Much of our work involves breaking down barriers that stand in the way for some people. This work is long term, and will lead to long lasting health outcomes for all, not just people who are already healthy.

public health staff

What we’re working on

Here are some of the larger initiatives we’re working on with our community partners.

Improving healthy birth outcomes

In Dane County, there are significant racial differences in infant mortality rates. We coordinate a Fetal and Infant Mortality Review process. This helps us understand the factors that contribute to stillbirth and infant death so we can make recommendations that will lead to change.

Preventing violence

Violence is a widespread, complicated public health issue. It has a deep impact on health, opportunity, and well-being throughout life. We look at the root causes of violence to in order to prevent it.

Reducing drug harm

We are in the midst of a drug overdose crisis. We work with community partners to improve mental wellness, prevent overdoses, and help save lives. This includes an Overdose Fatality Review, which helps us understand the factors that lead to overdoses.

Reducing tobacco related disease and death

Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in Wisconsin. We work to prevent youth from starting tobacco, eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke, and eliminating tobacco related health disparities.

How we work

Our public health approach is rooted in understanding data, working with partners, and measuring impact. Using this approach, we evaluate issues facing our community and partner to take action, including making recommendations for changes in policies and laws to help improve health and well-being.