blurry crowdOpioid Poisoning & Overdose Prevention

We are working with community partners to reduce opioid poisoning and overdose rates.

Why it Matters

Drug overdose death rates involving prescription pain medication and heroin in Dane County nearly doubled over the last decade.

What the Data Shows

  • More than half of all opioid-involved hospital encounters and deaths involved heroin in 2016.
  • 85 people died in Dane County in 2016 from opioids and there were over 400 opioid hospital encounters.
  • Learn more: Heroin and Synthetic Opioids Data Brief 

Initiatives to Reduce Opioid Poisoning & Overdoses

Examples of collaborative initiatives Public Health Madison & Dane County participates in include:

  • Working to expand knowledge of drug overdose medication, make it more accessible, and provide overdose prevention training. One example of this is our Overdose Prevention video 
  • Providing individuals using drugs and committing low level crimes related to their drug use, the opportunity for treatment rather than arrest through the Madison Addiction Recovery Initiative.
  • Working with the African American Opioid Coalition to address the disparate impact of opioids on the African American community.  
  • Participating on the Dane County Coordinated Response to Stop the Drug Overdose Epidemic steering committee. The six strategy areas of focus for this group include: reduce access to drugs, reduce inappropriate prescription use, improve overdose intervention, substance abuse prevention, integrate mental health care, and early intervention, drug treatment and recovery.