wear orange event detailsWe analyze data and work with local community organizations, elected officials, government agencies, and many others to understand how to prevent violence in Madison and Dane County.

Violence Prevention Funding Opportunity

We use a Public Health Approach to Violence Prevention

Violence is a widespread, complicated public health issue. It has a deep impact on health, opportunity, and well-being throughout life.

We look at the root causes of violence in order to prevent it.

  • We look at data on violent crime in Dane County.
  • We collaborate with partners from law enforcement, victim services, education, mental health, substance abuse, and others to produce change.
  • We work to find solutions to prevent violence before it happens.
  • We work to find solutions that benefit our whole community.

A public health approach to violence also acknowledges that addressing violence requires addressing associated inequities and underlying drivers of violence, such as:

  • structural racism
  • generational trauma
  • poverty
  • mental health

While some issues contributing to violence can be worked on in the short term, others will involve the long-term work of changing systems in order to see lasting improvement.

Learn more about what a public health approach to violence looks like with this Gun Violence Example.

Our Roadmap to Reducing Violence 

Our Roadmap to Reducing Violence is a violence prevention plan for Madison and Dane County that takes a public health approach to violence prevention.

This plan uses science and data to understand the problems. It uses the expertise and experiences of partners from many areas to carry out the plan. Together, we want to learn the many risk factors for violence and increase things known to reduce risk factors. As we get feedback from the community, we will update the plan.

The Roadmap’s 5 goals to reducing violence in our communities 

  • Goal 1: Understand violence in our community through data
  • Goal 2: Support community engagement with children, youth and families
  • Goal 3: Foster strong neighborhoods
  • Goal 4: Bolster and increase intervention and continuous healing for those affected by violence
  • Goal 5: Strengthen community capacity, engagement, and coordination of violence prevention efforts


Implementing the Roadmap with the Madison Dane County Violence Prevention Coalition

This Coalition of community partners works to implement the Roadmap and strengthen community capacity, collaboration, and coordination of violence prevention efforts.

Learn more about the coalition and how to get involved.

Violence Prevention Initiatives we are working on

Our Violence Prevention Unit had an extremely busy but successful 2021, with expansion of our work and adding more staff to help make it happen.

In 2022, we are continuing to strengthen and make progress on violence prevention initiatives, including:

The Madison Dane County Violence Prevention Coalition 

  • Public Health staff facilitate the Coalition as it works to implement the Roadmap to Reducing Violence.

Downtown Madison Safety Initiative 

  • In this Initiative, Madison Police Department and other stakeholders work to build community stability and reduce crime in downtown Madison.

Community Safety Intervention Team (CSIT) 

  • This team of community partners works to exchange and track information on violent crime, including gun violence; and connects with intervention services to help prevent future violent activities.

Community Alternatives Response Emergency Services (CARES) 

  • A partnership between Public Health,Madison Fire Department and Journey Mental Health Services.
  • CARES teams respond to non-violent mental health related crisis calls in downtown Madison, connecting people with Journey Mental Health for help.

Community Safety Direct Outreach Workers (CSDOW) 

  • Public Health is exploring ways to continue and strengthen prevention and intervention direct services in the communities.