2022 Roadmap to Reducing Violence in Madison and Dane County

Public Health Madison and Dane County seeks to support community-based programs, initiatives and activities that support the goals and objectives of the Madison and Dane County Violence Prevention Roadmap; and the subsequent prioritized activities within the Roadmap as deemed by the Madison and Dane County Violence Prevention Coalition.

We are seeking proposals from organizations to support the following three priority areas for the 2022 grant opportunity:

  1. Support Community Engagement with Children and Families
  2. Foster Strong Neighborhoods
  3. Bolster and Increase Intervention and Continuous Healing for Those Affected by Violence

RFP Application

  1. Submit one application per goal and/or priority objective you want to focus on. Please note, you are permitted to submit more than one application.
  2. Email the Application, Budget Workbook, Collaborative Agreements or MOUs, and Designation of Confidential and Propriety Information (if applicable) to: ViolencePrevention@publichealthmdc.com
  3. Indicate “2022 RFP Application: Roadmap to Reducing Violence in Madison & Dane County” in the subject line of the email.
  4. Applications are due no later than 11:59 A.M. on Monday, June 13, 2022.

Please note that proposals are time stamped electronically as they are received, not when they are sent. In the interest of fairness to all, any proposals received and stamped after 11:59 A.M. will not be accepted. No exceptions will be made.



RFP Activity

May 16, 2022 RFP Released
May 23, 2022 Questions related to RFP must be submitted by email by 4:00pm
June 13, 2022 Application must be submitted no later than 11:59am
July 8, 2022 Intent to Award Notifications
August 1, 2022 Project Start Date 

Contract Requirements

If an organization receives funding in this RFP process there are several contractual requirements that applicant agencies should be aware of.

Affirmative Action Plans or Exemption Forms

Public Health Madison and Dane County contracts require non-exempt entities to develop and maintain an approved affirmative action plan. For more information on these requirements please visit the Department of Civil Rights website.

Required Insurance for Contracts

If funded, applicant agrees to secure insurance coverage in the following areas to the extent required by the City Office of Risk Management:

  • Commercial General Liability

  • Automobile Liability
  • Worker's Comp
  • Professional Liability

The cost of this coverage can be considered in the request for funding. The Certificate of Insurance that will be required at the time of contracting is available on the City of Madison Risk Management website.

FEDERAL FUNDING NOTICE: Because this program is funded with ARPA State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds, the agreement you sign will also include many federal legal requirements that are a condition of ARPA funding. For more information, please review the 2022 RFP Roadmap to Reducing Violence in Madison and Dane County.

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions about these requirements or processes, please visit the Department of Tresury Website for SLFRF Compliance and Reporting or email Public Health Madison and Dane County Violence Prevention staff.


Submitted Applications

After submission, completed applications will be available to view here.