requesting health data

Need local health data?

Check the information on our Local Health Data​ Sources page. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can request data from us. We can provide county level information and assistance on a variety of health topics including Dane County surveillance data, health assessments, and current county health-related publications.

About COVID-19 Data Requests

Dane County COVID-19 data is available on our website, including the COVID-19 data dashboard. We do not have the capacity to fulfill data requests related to COVID-19. Requests from news outlets should be sent to

Request Data from PHMDC

How to Make a Data Request

Before you begin your online request:

  • Please review and think about the list of questions below. We encourage you to fill out as much information as possible for staff to better understand what information you need. Our goal is to contact you about your request within 3 business days.
  • Think through your entire request and ask for all aspects of what you expect to need - it is faster and easier for us to do multiple analyses at one time rather than in batches, which means you get your information sooner. We do understand that sometimes the first batch of results leads to more questions, but sometimes a thoughtful process in advance can be more efficient!
  • If you have questions feel free to contact us.

  1. Contact info* (name, email, and phone)
  2. Date needed* When do you need this by? We often have competing urgent requests so prioritizing may be necessary.
  3. Purpose of the request:* Briefly describe your program, grant, paper, or project. Context helps us understand your request, and we may know of other relevant data to help. Examples: program planning, evaluation, grant, research paper
  4. What question(s) do you need answered?*
  5. How will you use this information? Will data be published or reproduced? Examples: publication, report, website.
  6. Is this request related to a past request, and/or do you have a table or chart you want updated? Whom did you work with in the past? It helps us to see past correspondence and copies of the tables or charts you want us to update. This will help us connect you directly with the person and minimize processing time. Send related files or links to related files to us.
  7. Specific data needed or desired, even if you think it may not be available. We can help identify available data. Examples: Details on particular cause(s) of death, difference between current asthma vs. ever told to have asthma.
  8. Is this new data collection (primary data/survey) or from an existing database? If from an existing database, see #9.
  9. Specific data source, if known. Examples:
    1. Vital Statistics (Examples: birth, death, hospitalizations)
    2. Survey Data (Examples: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey, WI YRBS, Dane County Youth Assessment Survey)
    3. Census Bureau Data (2010 Census, American Community Survey, other demographic data)
    4. State Database (Examples: WEDSS, WIR, SPHERE, ROSIE) 
    5. Other
  10. What time period(s) of data do you need? We can clarify for you what is the most recent year of data available. Examples: specific years, by month, by quarter
  11. Geographic area: Examples: State, Dane County (DC), Madison city, health planning area, zip, census tract, block group
  12. Demographic characteristics Examples: Age groups, race/ethnicity, gender
  13. Who is your audience? We can assist if the information will be relevant and meaningful for the audience group
  14. Format preferred: Examples: Excel table, chart, map, narrative

Data Interpretation

We can assist with the interpretation of data if it involves complex analyses and/or other statistical details such as Margins of Errors, Confidence Intervals, reliability and validity of survey results, generalizability of results to a larger population to make valid conclusions, etc.