bed and breakfastBed & Breakfasts are owner-occupied personal residences with up to eight sleeping rooms for rent to visitors. The home must be occupied by the owner at the time of rental, and the only meal served to guests is breakfast. There cannot be more than 20 visitors at one time.

All Dane County Bed & Breakfasts must be licensed through Public Health Madison & Dane County (PHMDC) and inspected annually to verify the operation meets all requirements of Wisconsin law related to general public health.

You can read inspection reports for bed & breakfasts. These reports give you information on the conditions we saw at the time of inspection. Reports may not reflect corrective actions the establishment made, or the current condition.


How to Get Licensed

  1. Zoning and Taxes

    Zoning: Find out if there are zoning conditions that must be met.

    Sellers Permit*: Obtain a Wisconsin Sellers Permit.

    Room Tax: Register with your local clerk if your municipality collects room taxes.

    • City of Madison*: Fill out the Room Tax Registration form. Learn when Room Tax Exemptions apply to guests.
    • Dane County: (outside the City of Madison): Contact your municipal or township clerk.

      *Exceptions:  Airbnb collects and remits sales tax throughout Wisconsin and room tax within the City of Madison.  If you are renting solely through Airbnb, a Seller's Permit is not needed (write Airbnb only" in this field on the License Application form), and there is no fee for room tax registration in the City of Madison.  Check the box saying "my business is not subject to the Madison Transient Room Tax" on the Room Tax Registration form.  

  2. Apply for a license

    Submit a PHMDC lodging license application with proper payment. See the License Fee Schedule and complete the License Application.

  3. Schedule an inspection

    Contact us at (608) 242-6515 or email to schedule a pre-inspection of your property. License approval must be completed prior to renting out sleeping accommodations.


Complaints about Bed & Breakfasts in Dane County can be made by calling (608) 242-6515 or emailing