breastfeeding womanWe encourage and support breastfeeding as the best way to feed a baby, with significant benefits for infants and mothers.

Breastfeeding Support

Support Line

You can call our Breastfeeding Support Line at (608) 243-0449 and talk to one of our breastfeeding counselors for free.

Help Getting a Breast Pump

If you are on WIC and don't have BadgerCare or Medical Assistance you may be eligible for a pump from us. Call (608) 267-1111.

If you have BadgerCare, Medical Assistance, or other insurance, you can get a breast pump from your health care provider.

Resources, Classes, and Places to Pump

Get information about local breastfeeding resources, breastfeeding classes, and pumping-friendly locations.

Breastfeeding Laws

Get information on federal and state laws that protect and provide benefits to pregnant and nursing parents.

Support for Businesses and Community Agencies

We support businesses and community agencies to help them become more breastfeeding friendly. We can help set up lactation spaces, provide policy support, lend a lactation tent and more!


This website sometimes uses the term "woman," "women," and female gendered pronouns "she" and "her" because most people in need of workplace accommodations and other support related to breastfeeding are women. It is important to recognize, however, that this population also includes people who do not identify as women, including some gender non-conforming people and some transgender men.

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