Father holding infantFree COVID-19 vaccines are available to anyone 5 years and older. Please see our webpage for details.

We currently have flu vaccine. Please see our webpage for details

  • We provide other immunizations for children and for some adults.
    • If your child needs vaccines and has BadgerCare or Medical Assistance, please call your child’s health care provider to get the immunizations.
    • If your child does not have insurance, please call us at (608) 266-4821 to schedule an appointment.
    • We are only able to give immunizations to adults who do not have insurance or whose insurance doesn’t cover immunizations.
  • Our appointments can fill up fast. If you have a regular healthcare provider, please try them first.

Our Immunization Clinics

  • Are by appointment only.
  • We provide an interpreter, if needed.

Who We Immunize

We give free childhood immunizations to infants and children (through 18 years of age) who:

  • Do not have insurance that covers immunizations, or
  • Have Medical Assistance or BadgerCare, or
  • Are Native American or Alaska Native.

If your child has insurance that covers immunizations, please contact their health care provider.

To Schedule an Appointment

Please call (608) 266-4821.

  • A parent must come to the appointment with the child. If this is not possible, tell us while scheduling the appointment.
  • Bring all the immunization records you have for your child to the appointment.
  • Foreign Exchange Student host families: tell us you are the host family. Parental permission is required for us to vaccinate.
  • You can schedule an appointment at our South Park Street Clinic, or at our East Washington Avenue Office. Both offices are in Madison.
South Park Street Clinic
2230 S. Park St.
Madison, WI 53713
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East Washington Avenue Office
2705 East Washington Ave.
Madison, WI 53704
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Screening Forms

Consent Forms

Immunizations Required for Children in Daycare

Diseases are easily spread in group settings of young children. Wisconsin law requires some immunizations for daycares to help protect children from these diseases. If your child has received all recommended vaccines for their age, they will meet daycare requirements.

Immunizations Required for Children in School

The WI Student Immunization Law says that all students through grade 12 are required to have certain immunizations based on their grade and age. It is important that your child is up to date on immunizations so they don’t miss school.  

Does your child need vaccines for travel?

See our Immunizations for Work, School, & Travel webpage for information.