Syringe ContainerWe provide:

  • Safer injection equipment,
  • Risk reduction information,
  • Sharps disposal boxes,
  • Free condoms,
  • Fentanyl test strips,

And we accept used syringes.

We also provide NARCAN (naloxone) to people who may be at higher risk of opioid overdose. This drug can help save the life of someone who is overdosing on opioids. It will have no effect on a person who is not overdosing on opioids, so it is important to always call 911 if a person is not responsive.

Free training and supplies are also available to groups who work with people who may be at increased risk for opioid overdose.

Overdose Spike Alerts

We closely watch hospital and ambulance data to identify unexpected increases, or spikes, in drug-involved overdoses. A spike tells us there is an increased risk for overdose in the community.

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Syringe Service Program Locations

  • 2705 E. Washington Ave., Madison. Hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

  • 2300 S. Park St., Suite 2010, Madison. Hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Ring bell for service.
  • Call (608) 733-0638 for information or questions about Syringe Services. 

HIV and Hepatitis C Testing

Sharing needles or other equipment to inject drugs can spread Hepatitis C. We offer HIV and Hepatitis C testing during our sexual health clinic.

The Sexual & Reproductive Health Clinic offers testing and treatment by telehealth appointments. Call (608) 243-0411 for information and to make an appointment.