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Image: Featured Topic Enterovrius D68 (EV-D68), An Overview
EV-D68 is a virus that causes respiratory symptoms. Its spread through parts of the midwest has been reported in the news. Its symptoms may be similar to the common cold or may be more severe.
Image: Featured Topic Mount Horeb High Video Crew Wins Fit2Film Video Contest
A four person creative team of Mount Horeb High School students produced a 30 second TV spot using an innovative and entertaining approach to delivering a strong message on the health effects of skipping breakfast.
Image: Featured TopicHealth Care Coverage Options for 2014
Adults with income under 100% of the federal poverty level (FPL), as well as pregnant women and most children up to 300% FPL, are eligible for Badger Care (Medicaid in Wisconsin) and they may apply at any time throughout the year.
Image: Featured TopicThe Best Place to Get Rid of Medicines
There are now 12 permanent drop sites across Dane County to get rid of unwanted and unused medicines in a safe and environmentally manner.


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